My book

Tarmo Sakari Hietala


Eldsjälens skugga

My book


Swedish title: Eldsjälens skugga

English titel: The shadow of a lifespirit.


With many years as a producer and project manager for major projects, where among others, Norrköping stunt camp was nominated to Swedens Best project 2013. The jury was Skandia Ideas for life and Norrköping stunt camp won the price that year.


People has always asked me where i get my energy from? How is it possible that you always try to help people "outside" the societys structure, specially kids?



My answer always is, "I don´t know" But that was not the truth. After my stepfathers death three years ago, I started to search inside my self, and the jurney to a book started. It´s been two years now and the book is ready.


Book release 2018


Best regards, Tarmo Sakari Hietala


Tarmo Sakari Hietala

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