My Name is Tarmo Sakari Hietala. Im 48 years of age.


One of my latest work is in Crazy Pictures feature film - The Unthinkable - Swedish name: Den blomstertid nu kommer. The film was a succé in Sweden and today it is sold to over 77 countries and is one of the films in the Film festival "Fantastic Fest" 2018 in texas USA.

I worked as stunt coordinator, fight director, stuntperformer and actor in this production. It was a joy and mostly uncomon to be able to work as Stunt coordinator, fight director and at the same time work as stuntperformer and actor in the same film. Wow! That was fun and hard work!


The stunt team TARMO STUNT provided the film with 19 unique stunts. Jesper Barkselius on of the leading rols did al his stunts him self, trained by me and secured by the stunt team. Body Burns - Car hits - Car exicts - Falls - Jerk Harness in 2 exposition scenes - Fights - and mutch more.


I work in the entertainment industry with fim tv and theater. I am an actor, stunt koordinator, stuntperformer and fight choreographer.


My background from Karate, Tani Ha Shitoryu,( Black belt, National Team Sweden 1992-1997, Silver medalist World cup Karate 1992.) helps me in the fighting and stunt parts in the buissnes.


I love to work in the industry and continue to make actors look good and be safe in their fight and stunt scenes..


I also work as stagefight stunt teacher.


Keep the spirit folks....You can do it...


At your service



Best regards // Tarmo




I worked with over 100 different productions since 1998. Here some of them.

Full creds list stunt ore acting, send mail to: tarmo@tarmohietala.se

Me and the Director Måns Herngren at the set for Torpederna II

With the actor Dragomir Mrsic at the set for Thriller ALEX. Dragomir is known for playing against Tom Cruise in Edge of tomorrow.

Me and my son at GALA Premier for Jönssonligan - Den perfekta stöten

Producers for Norrköping Stunt Camp

With actor Leo Ratzzak and Malou Stiller at the set Torpederna II

Before ACTION in ARN - The Knight templar

Just before ACTION in STHLM Requiem.


Torpederna 2

2017 Actor - Suporting Role: - Kjell -

Some of the leading acors are: Liv Mjönäs - Torkel Petersson - Leo Ratzak - Dragomir Mrsic