STUNT TEAM - To book stuntkosulting, safety on set, team with several ore single stuntperformers, contact Tarmo.                     STUNT REEL IN THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Tarmo Hietala 

Height: 178 cm


Stunt Coordinator - Fight Choreographer - Stuntperformer - Martial Artist.

Worked in the buissnes since 1998.  Former teacher in Nordic Stagefight Society. 

Martial artist: Karate 1983 - 2019

- Tani Ha - Shitoryu karate -  Black Belt.

National Shitoryu Karate Team Sweden 1992-1997. Team Silver medalist World Cup 1992.

Emil Kumlin 

Height: 185 cm. 

Stuntperformer and Cirkus Artist.

Martial art: Kung Fu

Worked in TARMO STUNT TEAM since 2012

Swords: Rapier - Broadsword - Sword and Shield

Other: Staff and knife

Jesper Hubbner 

Racing Specialist.

Swedish Champion.

Worked in TARMO STUNT TEAM since 2018

Surachet Rüdeberg 

Height: 178 cm

Stuntperformer and Thai Boxer.

Worked in TARMO STUNT TEAM team since 2009.

Swords: Rapier - Broadsword -  Knife Sword and Shield.

Other: Staff and Knife.

Specialiced in Body Burns ( Half burns)

Joakim Frimodig

Height: 191 cm

Hevy weight Pro fighter

Kyokushin Karate. Silver medalist team silver Swedish Championships. Founder of Norrköping Thaiboxing club. Several thaiboxing fights. Founder of MMA starkado. Competed in wrestling. 

8 underground fights.

Welcome to the team Joakim!

SWAT TEAM - Specially trained Swat Team. Fully equipped with everything needed! Different kinds of firearms.

Examples of firearms: Blank fire and sfx weapons - Submachine guns - Assault rifles, Grenade and rocket launchers - Bullups and Shotguns - Machine guns and sniper rifles.

Johan Wåhlin 

Height: 178 cm

Stuntperformer and Military Specialist.

Employed soldier in the swedish armed forces.

Worked in TARMO STUNT TEAM since 2010

Swords: Rapier - Broadsword - Knife Sword and Shield. Other: Staff and Knife.

Specialist: Military tactical and weapon handling.

Eddie Svensson

Height: 180 cm

Pro fighter

European Champion in Grappling 2013. Swedish Champion in several diciplines among them fristyle wrestling and Greek roman style. Swedish national wrestling team in booth Ssireum ( korean wrestling) and belt wrestling.

Welcome to the Team Eddie! 

Extras - We can bring your production trained extras. 

2019 04 01

New team member coming soon


Stunt Coordinator - Stuntperformer - Fight Director

Contact: Tarmo Hietala

Phone: +46 768 793969


Car crash reel.  Scenes from the feature film - The unthinkable.

Swedish title: Den blomstertid nu kommer.

To book carstunt rigging contact Tarmo at: +46 768 793969 ore email:

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