Tarmo Sakari Hietala:

Awards and nominations in film,tv, theater and social enterepreneurship. 

* Taurus World Stunt Award 2019. - Stuntcoordinator.

* Los Angeles action film festival 2021 - Actor and stuntcoordinator

* Sundance film festival - Stuntcoordinator in the film KNOCKINGS.

* GULDBAGGEN - Stuntcoordinator in GOLIAT

* GULDBAGGEN - Stuntcoordinator in The Unthinkable

* Broccmanpriset - Norrköpings Tidningar

* Adventsstjärnan - Folkbladet

* Skandia Idéer för livet - Winner 2013.

* BNI - Finalist in the best entrepreneur in Buissnes International network 2011.

Hi folks. 

My passion is telling a story eather It´s in coordinating an world class action scene ore to bring It out in a character. The joy of working with storytelling and to pass forward the history is something i really value. 

I have during my years had the honnor to accieve several awards and nominations for my work.

- TAURUS WORLD STUNT AWARD ( As stunt coordinator. Best action in a foreign film 2019)

- WINNER of best project in Sweden 2011 Norrköping Stunt Camp

- BNI One of the finalist in 2008

- Awarded with golden star in Norrköpings Kommun

* Well that´s fun but that not why I do it. I do It because the pure energi that sometimes accoure when you are at some point meeting other people, telling a story and all the energies is synced. That beats everything els in life.

I started as an martial artist. National team Shitoryu Karate Sweden. 1992-1997. Amazing to be In the national team and compete in several World Championships.  The journey brought me and my path in life to Dramatic Combat. 10 years of work In Nordic Stagefight Society and all the Global societys in Dramatic Combat around the world. That took me to want to  become an Dramatic Combat teacher. 

2008 I certified as an tacher in Nordic Stagefight Society. Also desided to leave the society and desided to go all in with the stunt Industrie instead. During my years in Stagefight and Dramatic Combat I met David Boushey the founder of United Stuntmens association. Hi Is one of my teachers thatInspired me to go into Stunts and Acting. Thanks David!

2020 I was nominated in the world biggest action awards. Taurus World Stunt Awards for my work in the succe´s  film The Unthinkable in the category - Best action in a forign film.

2021 During all the years I also have been acting some. And now desided to act some more. 

Keep The Spirit Folks and go for your dreams.

I Like to say thanks to David Boushey, Eric Fredricsen,David Doerch ( pops) Brad Allan Waller, Jonathan Howell, Peppe Östensson. They have been my mentors during my work in the years.

Love // Tarmo Sakari Hietala